Companies and their advertising change over time

“Reminding yourself that you don’t need to be master by day three is the best way to ensure you will be by day three thousand. So before you go to sleep each night, ask yourself the small questions, was I a little better today than yesterday” – Drive by Daniel H. Pink

Brands can change and develop over time. Good brands will get better at what they do over time and may even get better at telling people about it. A great example of a company changing over time for the better is Netflix.

Netflix moved from a DVD-by-mail business model to one of the largest online streaming providers. They began their streaming service in 2007, 9 years after founding. They have begun developing their own content, from movies to television shows as well. Since 1998 they have been growing their core competency, knowing what viewers want to watch, and have been growing to meet customers’ needs.

Their advertising has been changing over time as well. As it expanded into original content it also began moving into native advertising. Native advertising has taken off for the brand and has been well received. They have also begun engaging people in the conversation through social media.

Suppositions about how Netflix killed BlockBuster may ever have happened if the company did not grow and change with the internet. What if we still had to drive to BlockBuster for a video rental? The world would be a different place.

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