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Questioning forward

Life is full of questions and not a lot of answers. Or, the answers we tend to find are quick like Google’s “Top 10 Places to See in Austin.” More often than not, the questions that give our life meaning take time and mental effort to arrive at an answer.

I just finished reading A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger and was struck by how much less often I am forced to “sit with my questions.” “Sitting with a question” refers to taking the time myself to think about an answer instead of settling for a generic solution. It is the “Why questions” that get us moving and those personalized answers that make life meaningful.

Following up to these types of questions with “What if  __?” and “How can I accomplish that?” is what drives change and innovation. The “How” might take years, but arriving to that answer is worthwhile.

For me, that overarching questions has yet to be defined but I am still filled with questions like “What is my passion?” and “How can I make a positive impact?” As I pursue my future, with ever more questions and hopefully some answers, I hope to learn and grow.

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