What advertising can’t do

An important part of developing advertising is understanding what the expectations and outcomes will be for a given campaign. Ads can generate awareness, brand your product, increase sales and start conversations.

Set realistic expectations about what advertising can or cannot do. Likely, nothing will change overnight. Branding can take time, even years to fully develop. Sales and conversations may also take some time to germinate.

It’s worth discussing what ads cannot do.

No amount of advertising can help correct:

  • The market does not want or need the product. Products like Bic Perfume and others that did not fill a market need, went against the market, or were not desirable based on the branding or lack of brand congruity.

  • The market is not ready for the product. Going to market too soon can endanger a product’s success.

  • The product does not fulfill its primary function. Broken product promises can arrive in the form of damaged products or can be poorly designed.

Advertising cannot fix poor execution and can accelerate how many people decide to not try your brand. They’ll have already heard to stay away from someone else.

But taking something from good to great? Ads can do that as well.

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