How to not fail at personal branding

What does it take to get noticed? Breaking in to advertising or marketing requires developing a brand image, innovative attention-grabbing, and successful delivering on your promise. Not all too different than launching a product.

Soul searching can help you discover your brand identity. Developing marketing skills can help you creative the innovative way you will grab an employers attention. Showing up and delivering will show you can make and keep your brand promise. Marketers do something similar as part of their go to market motions.

Why do brands continue to fail even though they may have been successful in the past? Catharine Slade-Brooking has written Creating a Brand Identity talking about why.

So how do we combat the ways we can fail as a personal brand?

Stay true to yourself and the brand you have developed.

Make sure that after discovering your brand identity, you don’t lose it along the way. Like customers can ask companies to alter products, so can friends and potential employers have an impact on how we present or see ourselves.

Tend to your personal brand.

Don’t neglect yourself and the ways people interact with your identity which may include your profile, sites, business cards and so on. Make sure any touchpoints are up-to-date and reflect your most recent accomplishments.

Learn how to grow and change with the times.

Adopting new skills can help marketers succeed within a rapidly changing environment. Read, experiment and grow with change.

Never forget why you started and use your energy, skills and vision to push your personal brand forward. Hard time getting pumped? Check out Kid President.



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