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Building a brand image takes time

A brand is not made up a single campaign. It is developed by all visible campaigns from day three to 3000 make up the entire view of a brand.

A brand image is cultivated over time. It takes consistency of message. It takes repetition of a clear identity. It takes patience to see how people respond and adjust.

A great story that reminded me of cultivating a brand image was in a passage I read the other day. It was in Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson who touches on some of the key points on brand development. He talks about being on the team for the agency re-branding Marlboro.

Marlboro was originally thought of as a women’s brand of cigarette. Fast forward a year after launching the Marlboro Man campaign and brand perception still had not changed. Instead of changing course, the chairman of Philip Morris stayed committed to the Cowboy concept. Now, when thinking of Marlboro, people think of Cowboy Country. And it became the number one selling cigarette brand in America.

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