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Foregoing the advertising spend game

A 1 minute TV spot can cost $50 to $500K to produce, an expense that is not guaranteed to garner more sales. For brands working to gain share of mind, like Coke and Pepsi, this approach may help shift sales temporarily.

With 30 seconds of airtime costing around $4.5 million, some brands are forgoing the expense of advertising at the Super Bowl to try other forums. Being effective does not have to mean expensive. Known as the commercial that dominated the Super Bowl in 2010, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ad from Old Spice never actually aired during the Super Bowl.

Social media and digital has decreased the amount a business can run a campaign for and has opened content production and delivery for anybody. There are great campaigns that do not cost millions of dollars or have $300,000 monthly budgets.

Choose the channels that achieve the results you need.

Traditional channels like television may be popular, but it is not always the best depending on what your product or your budget may be. Other traditional mediums, like newspaper and radio, may offer deals based on the type of advertisement you want to run.

Don’t forget about new channels of advertisement. Old Spice launched their campaign on social media. Blogging, SlideShare and SnapChat are all ways you can get the word out. New channels developing from media fragmentation are great things to try and can help deliver a greater return for your buck.

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