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How to respond to customers’ resistance to change

Today, I made my yoga class face the back of the room, a change of direction to change their perspective. Even with mindfulness, it is easy to get caught in routine. Changing a small piece of your actions can alter your routine and change your perspective.

Facing the back of the room is a small example of changing physical perspective, but still I saw some resistance. Some participants adjusted their position to maintain the same perspective they normally assume.

On a larger scale, if only 3 people out of twenty resisted my message, how many people will be resistant on a larger scale? Not everyone will be open to your suggestion.

What are some ways we can enhance our effectiveness as marketers in response to this resistance we encounter?

  • Reach the right people: Make sure we have the right people on the end of our message. For digital messaging, one way to to make sure people opt in to your messages and you can gauge their interest in your content with response rates, unsubscribes and open rates.
  • Think about it from your audience’s perspective: Are your recipients not willing to change? What is the problem they are facing? How can you remove their barriers to change?
  • Adjust your messaging: Maybe they are not understanding the intention of your message. Make sure your diction is geared toward your audience.

Know your audience, gauge their responses and change your own perspective to try and understand the situation. We cannot change behavior without first seeking to understand it.

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