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Remember the human element

Change is painful. Change is hard. Why convince people otherwise? Not all change can be happy smiles, stock photos of twirling couples or sleeping babies. Change can be scary.

When persuading people to make a change, don’t just look over charts and spreadsheets. 20% of Americans have lost a job in the past 5 years. While this may be true, remember that your audience members are people and not a percentage.

Include the human element.

It may ease their sense of isolation to be part of a percentage, but people are going to think about the details and not the spread of the data points. No job means no Christmas presents to give out. It means a lot of questions about the situation they may not feel like answering.

Understanding their perspective can help keep messaging away from techno-speak and into terms people can relate to. Especially for difficult times, realize you are talking to a person. The individual receiving your message will appreciate that you cared, listened and acted appropriately.

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