Easy, traditional ways for a small business to promote themselves

There are tactics that work for small business, that are not necessarily the best option for enterprises. Small businesses can rely on some simple tactics since they serve a local or a targeted community. There are great tips across the web to help small businesses increase awareness of their services.

However, I feel like some more traditional methods of promotion can be easily overlooked. Some of these tactics include business cards, signs & flyering, and being engaged in the local community.

Business cards

Business cards are an easy way for businesses to network and generate awareness for their business. They are customizable, quick, and worth all the leads they generate. Cards can be as cheap as $20 and still create a sense of respectability and professionalism. For freelancers, they can be especially important since they give a sense of the individual more than the business. 



I have been using my business card to generate awareness of my site, and it has generated the most leads so far since I have seen more direct traffic than referral.

Signage & flyering

Signs and flyering are also a great way to generate awareness in the local community. While not everyone appreciates receiving flyers, it does show some return if implemented strategically. I am a huge fan of signage and see it rather regularly for business openings. One business in particular I had been waiting to open did not post “Grand opening” or “Now open” on its site, social media or at its location so it took me much longer to visit.

Go local

Going local and supporting the community, whether it’s schools or local organizations, can boost awareness as well. I have met several local business owners out networking at events for the American Marketing Association, my alumni network and business professional happy hours. Some franchises, like Mod Pizza, have each location become ingratiated into the local community.

Remember to take advantage of easy ways to get your name out before moving forward with more costly options.

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