Tips on how to create content people share

People are inherently social creatures.

We are hardwired to want to share information, usually by speaking with friends and family. With social media, we can quickly share with your entire network. While the method of sharing is different, social media does fill the human need to socialize and be validated by public opinion. Creating a winning social strategy, built on the need for humans to share, relies on developing content worth sharing and making it easily shareable.

Make content shareable

Providing stimulating, valuable content, either infographic, tools, videos or photos, can speed the sharing of information. The internet loves lists, so the valuable content may even be shared in the form of a list like this article on 14 unusual brand promotions. In addition to creating content worth sharing, making the content shareable promotes messages even faster with an added value of convenience.

Communication should be as easy as speaking with another person, which has led to the development of “shareable” content. Developing visuals and hashtags for social media that are recognizable, searchable and promote a message, will help make people want to post the content. HubSpot offers many tips for developing shareable content.

Companies working to make their content easy to share are reaping the social benefits. Easy to share buttons, visual products and posts that are ready to go help make sharing easy. Companies are creating “share” buttons within emails in order to make posting to social media convenient for recipients. While purchases have had the option of sharing for a while, I recently noticed the newest feature of sharing in an email.

I noticed this feature after completing my Growth-Driven Design certification from HubSpot. I clicked their tweet button through their site and it launched Twitter, populated a post with searchable hashtags.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • When generating content, think about what people would like to share. Share available through your site and emails so people are more likely to want to share it with their friends, rather than just liking it.
  • Make sure your audience can re-post your shareable content to their preferred site. Choose a format of promotion that is popular for your audience. For example, if you send out recipes, let them re-post your content to Pinterest.
  • Make sharing easy. You can generate posts in advance so all customers need to do is select their network.
  • People share content that they respond to emotionallyMake sure your content resonates with your audience before adding additional sharing options.

Know your customer and their habits so you can create a greater ease of promoting your brand.

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