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Stand for something: An example of inclusive content

Last week, I attended Jay Marroquin’s talk at Creative Mornings about self love that had me contemplating how marketers can develop inclusive content. Marroquin particularly discussed self-love in the fashion industry and how PhotoShop is becoming the norm. His talk included his own photos promoting loving yourself just the way you are, Photoshop free and vibrant.



In the context of marketing, brands can reflect the diversity of the human experience through images of the brand they portray. Their images have the potential to be inclusive and be something worth talking about. For example, I have been a large fan of Cheerios inclusive commercials and was excited when I saw this ad in the mail. 

I received the Shutterfly magazine last week and found their announcement advertisement, featured on the left. I was glad that another brand is able to reflect the diversity of life through their advertisements. Some other great brands showcasing inclusiveness are here.

It is worthwhile to remember that it does not have to be a large, flashy campaign featuring diversity. Brands can promote their image a variety of ways. A subtle inclusive photo in a direct mail advertisement still reflects life as it is and can be a powerful message to subscribers about what the brand stands for.

Think about all of your communications to customers, does your brand imagery reflect your company? How? In what ways can that image be improved? In a new period where brands are expected to stand for and demonstrate a greater commitment to what they are invested in, like Patagonia and Tom’s, each communication a brand makes can make a statement.

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