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Building trust in advertisers

Trust is an intangible asset built over time. We trust people we know, our own experience and are growing increasingly skeptical of what we hear through media. Skepticism, especially of advertising, is something all advertisers need to overcome.

Advertising was 24th out of 25 in most to least trusted professions and is still close to the bottom of the list. You are starting with a barrier before you’ve even aired your first spot.

Why do people tend toward disbelief? Because someone had their product promise broken, had a bad experience with a salesperson, or had purchase dissonance.

We build trust with risk-reduction. Showcasing the product with free trials, testimonials or demonstrations are some ways to build more confidence. It demonstrates transparency on the part of the advertiser or company and lets the customer decide for themselves if the claims are true without repercussion.

And what if the failure is to trust a service? Free trails, open communication with customers monitoring listening posts for negative feedback, and exceptional customer service are places to start.

Gaining trust means delivering on promises. It shows in service or salespeople being on time, products working perfectly, and meeting customer expectations. Doing it over and over again keeps the trust going.

Remember all that you are up against. Be someone that delivers and works with a company that does too.

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