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Does everyone fail? Yes.

I started thinking about failure after hearing the CEO of Spanx talking about the ways she has failed. I loved this video because it showcases a real life example of someone succeeding because of failing. It’s one thing to know everyone fails, it’s another to hear about a more specific time.

I love that she acknowledges failure is part of developing a successful mindset about how to succeed. Developing an emotional acceptance that failure is part of a process can help free yourself to the ability to fail.

I was also inspired by the video above and by my own current set of failures. I know I will fail, again and again, because that is the only way to succeed. Some of my more recent failures include:

Fail to plan ahead

I designed an entire site on one platform and then realized it wasn’t going to be the best solution. I failed to do it right the first time, so I re-did the entire site. The site could not be automatically sent to the new platform, so I manually created the new store which looks much better than before. The new site also includes additional functionalities that will help the business to be more successful.

After all of the hard work, lessons learned, and outcomes realized, the problem solving and information if now ingrained. I learned a lot of information I never knew I didn’t know. Success helped me realize things I missed or never considered.

Fail to be the right choice

I have been interviewing in Houston to find a full time position. My efforts include networking, applying online, and connecting with hiring managers. I completed my first full rounds of interviews and I was not the candidate they chose. While I was disappointed, I did have success in another area. At one of the events I attended, I met someone willing to let me do contract work part-time.

Don’t get too caught up in one way to be successful. I try to remember that working in a traditional setting, or work in general, is not the only place I can succeed. By giving back, and helping others succeed, I managed to make a contact for an opportunity I was not looking for. Success can come in different forms.

Fail at meeting the “right person”

I have gone to many networking events over the past couple months thinking I was going to meet someone from my “dream company” there that would be the “right person.” Instead of being overly focused on finding those people, I decided to mingle with whomever was nearby and gave out my business cards. While I never met anyone from the places I was looking for, one of the people I had met connected me with an amazing opportunity I never considered.

Don’t get too hung up on what you think you are looking for. If I had been too wrapped up in finding “the right person” to speak with, I would never have connected with the individual that surprised me with unsolicited additional help. Success can come in unexpected places.

Success is not immediate. In response to failure, I remember the advice below which was the best advice I ever received. I take this into consideration and know that every time I fail, I am that much closer to success.

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