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How do I drive social media engagement?

So, you’ve written a great blog post or developed the newest groundbreaking content. Why is no one interacting with it?

Promoting your content with social media is the first step to getting people to engage with it. But if you’re not getting any clicks, what could you be doing better?

Create content that’s visually worth sharing

Even if your main content is written, create something visual to appear in your news feed. An interesting photo or visual quote is more likely to be shared 2X over regular Facebook content. Videos are 3X more likely to be shared. If you’re still not convinced of how important visuals are to your marketing strategy, check out these statistics from HubSpot.

Some fun applications to help develop this content are Word Swag for quotes, PicFlow for slideshows to music, and Ripl for videos.

Be clear on what the action is

When developing your call to action, be clear about what you want your followers to do with it. On Facebook, they can Like, Comment, Click, and Share, let them know which one you want them to do. If you never ask, your followers may choose to keep scrolling. Keep in mind that if people are not engaging with your content, it is less likely to appear on their feed in the future. For more examples about getting Facebook engagement, check out this article.

Make your choice of actions strategic as well. If you are going for reach in your campaign, ask them to share. If you are going for engagement, maybe ask for a like or comment. Develop an overall strategy for how you are using social media and decide an end goal to properly utilize the available follower responses.

Make it easy

Make your content easy to engage with. Don’t make it difficult for people to sign up for your newsletter or engage with you. The more difficult it is, the less likely they will be to follow through.

Part of making it easy on social media is including hashtags that make your content easier to find. Especially on Twitter and Instagram, the use of hashtags will improve the amount of people driven to your post.

Research your hashtags in advance before using them to see if your content is going to be in line with what other people display. If you’re looking for more hashtags to use, check out Hashtagify.

Optimize your content per platform

The best case social media scenario is that your followers engage with you on all the platforms you manage. If they are following you on Instagram and Facebook, they might be annoyed by seeing the same photo uploaded at the same time in both spaces.

Make sure to vary the content you post to optimize it for each platform. Feel free to re-purpose content you’ve developed and maybe have a new hashtag, call to action, and headline on a different platform to create a new spin on what you originally posted. A great rule of thumb is to write at least 10 different headlines, and then test them out to see what resonates best.


Strategize, execute, analyze and adjust. Once you’ve created great actionable content people like, you need to do it again. Keep delivering what your audience is looking for by tracking engagements, best times to post content, and your growth across your platforms to meet your social media goals.

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