State Farm: Telling stories that stick



I finished Made to Stick, an interesting book by Chip and Dan Heath about successful ways to communicate lasting ideas. Two tips were to use stories and to explain the benefit’s benefit. For example, the benefit of TSA pre-checked is saving time. The benefit’s benefit would be more time at home before going to the airport. The second reason is more compelling to a reader than just a benefit.

State Farm does a great job of building their brand with both of these tactics. Their commercials always contain a story that remembers the human element. The stories are emotional and try to develop a resonance with consumers. They focus on an individual receiving the benefit of their services. By doing this, they begin to build a multi-faceted brand story.

I really enjoyed the below commercial because it shows the benefits of insurance visually. The spot goes for emotional resonance and builds a greater picture of how State Farm fits into the world.

The commercial communicates the benefit of their coverage: that insurers are covered in a world where things go wrong. It also showcases the benefit’s benefit to the viewers as well: they are helping things go right by giving peace of mind to insurers who can now focus on being with their children.

How do you best showcase your brand with stories and true benefits?

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