Learning: Can’t stop, won’t stop

To be a successful marketer, you need to always be learning. With the marketing playing field changing rapidly and often, being dedicated to staying ahead of the curve needs to become a priority.

There are several different types of learning that occur for success in your occupation:

  • Passive – By being around very talented people you can learn a lot through osmosis. This type of learning can happen every day at work, maybe catching a new trick a coworker did to accelerate developing their newest PowerPoint.
  • Classroom and lecture style – Maybe you’ve been getting some certifications, attending a class to be taught information.
  • Activity – Learning by acting is another method that can help fully cement the whole picture in your mind.

Everyone learns differently, but setting up easy methods to continue learning can keep you up to speed. I have been a little busy lately overcoming a large e-commerce learning curve. However, I was glad I had been continuing to learn tips and tricks from some of these sources so I could more easily manage my project.

I subscribe to all of these companies email list-servs, and I have been impressed by the amount of information and tips that are relevant to the work I do.


I subscribe to their Academy and try to watch the Friday videos on SEO tips. While I had never previously dealt with SEO, I recently have been trying to become more proficient. Their Beginner’s Guide to SEO set up a thorough foundation for my work.


Their emails include very specific advice about how to get the most out of your marketing efforts. I also enjoy their topical information about what brands are creating well-done marketing.

Social Media Examiner

While I was initially skeptical of Social Media Examiner, I now subscribe and enjoy their social media tips. Since I had never been a dedicated social media employee, I had developed posts but not overall strategy. The articles are very helpful, like the one I found about increasing e-commerce sales with social media.

Marketing Profs

Still subscribing and reading! Haven’t been as actively involved in their content, but definitely worthwhile reads to keep a pulse on the marketing industry.

American Marketing Association

If you’re a member, they offer free webinars on different topics. I attended one on email marketing and picked up some fun things I am going to try. They also send out news and articles for non-members.

To sum up: Never stop learning.

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