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Purina’s great storytelling and cause driven marketing

When thinking of what makes stories stick, an important aspect is storytelling. Over the holidays, I saw some great examples of storytelling and my favorite came from Purina.

Purina often shows the family pet growing up through their commercials, adding extra details to make the puppy or full grown animal seem like a member of the family. My favorite spot was the one about Sam.

Purina goes to longer lengths to create a relatable story regarding Sam, using poignant music and the holiday backdrop to encourage an emotional response in viewers. Not only does it draw heartbreaking sentiment, it uplifts the viewer through it’s ending that shows the powerful benefit adopting a horse can have.

Purina takes their impact a step further by asking viewers to “Make every wish come true” and directs them to the #ahomeforeveryhorse. A Home for Every Horse, a charity supported by Purina, is the first result on Google for that name. By being first in the search rankings, it allows them to catch all of the viewers moved by their commercial.

According to Facebook, this week 1000 people are talking about #ahomeforeveryhorse. Their followers are continuing to grow with 55 new page likes this week (up 120% from the week before).

By using storytelling throughout their advertising and social media strategy, Purina is able to capitalize on people who are familiar or not familiar with their brand. Instead of just telling a brand story, they incorporate the story of the animals they help and drive positive consumer response by giving back.

What brand has inspired your own marketing content?

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