Keep asking great questions

One great skill I have been reflecting on has been the ability to ask better questions. It’s necessary in marketing, but can be a great aid in other areas of life as well. Asking better questions can be the key to greater innovation, lead to discovery of purpose, and can create better conversations.

Creating greater innovation

Last week, I attended a talk from AMA Academy. I had never gone before but was very excited to hear about the digital age and the technology shaping changes. What I was not expecting was a look back into the evolution of man and how that shaped human’s engagement with digital technologies.

This presentation was given by Brad Rossacci, Director of Innovation for 900 lbs. of Creative, who gave an interesting presentation on how neuroscience shapes engagement and how his company has been integrating technology into successful marketing campaigns.


He asked a better question: why do people interact with technology in a particular way? How can neuroscience help explain success in campaigns? He was particularly enthusiastic about neurotransmitters and their role in gamification. As someone who studied psychology in college, I found his approach to marketing very interesting and was impressed by the new ways they found to integrate technology and marketing.

Discovery of purpose

Younger children ask an average of 300 questions per day and as they age that number declines. By fostering creative thinking and creative questioning at a young age, parents may help children discover a question that has gone unanswered.

This story stuck with me when I think about great questions and people’s response to them. A four year old asked his father, “Why is Saturn the only planet with rings?” His dad didn’t know the answer and wrote to NASA. NASA responded in ten minutes saying that they are not sure why rings form and:

“It’s a great question. You can tell him that’s exactly the kind of question a scientist would ask. Tell him there are many mysteries out there in space that will still be waiting when he grows up!”

Starting a better conversation

A couple weeks ago, I attended Houston’s Social Media Breakfast which featured a talk on “Fake News, Pundits, Politics and Social Media in 2017.” While I did not know much about the subject of media law, I thought I may learn a few new things. To my surprise, I realized there were a lot of questions I had never thought to ask.

One being, “How will social media change the political landscape and how media covers stories?” By going to an event out of my comfort zone, I helped discover new questions to ask and new ideas about how the media landscape may change, how politicians can use social media to circumvent traditional publishing, and how laws may need to catch up to cover political advertising in the social media environment.

These questions sparked a great conversation about the role of the media and how things are changing. If you’re interested in learning more, the events are live streamed on Facebook and can be watched on demand later.

By developing exceptional questioning skills, marketers can bring an additional skill set to the fold.

What great questions have you asked lately?

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