Flex your creative muscles (everybody has them)

Everyone has the ability to be creative. It’s an inherent ability, either nurtured to grow or atrophies with disuse. Creativity is not limited to a select few, it can be strengthened like any other muscle.

By limiting creativity to a few individuals, people can select themselves out as not being the “creative type.” The creative type is known for moments of genius, brought on by copious thought, and perhaps accomplished in a prestigious laboratory.

Yes, inventors are creative. So are artists, musicians, actors, writers, etc. But there are still more avenues for creativity.

While people may not consider themselves creative, they may already be problem solving in creative ways, like navigating tax codes to “put puzzles together” for businesses or developing supply chain strategies that allow businesses to streamline operations.

Like muscles, we need to work our creativity to keep it in shape. Some ways to strengthen the creative muscles include:

  • Immersion in a subject – Learn more about an industry, profession, or subject of interest. Entrepreneurs have used this to their advantage by appropriating things they’ve learned about in other cultures and transplanting them elsewhere.
  • Exposure to new stimuli – Look outside your comfort zone for books, events and other things to do that will help showcase the unknown.
  • Communicate thoughts – Speak, write, draw thoughts out so that ideas become more solidified. By taking the time to communicate, it becomes easier and easier to translate ideas into plans.
  • Grease the mental wheels – Find something allows great work to flow easier and make time for these pursuits. For example, a favorite author, activity or exercise can keep the brain primed.
  • Use the shower principle – The mind can put things together, and make uncommon associations, while it’s distracted or engaged in mundane tasks like showering. Take time for the mundane, it give the brain to work things over unconsciously.

Anyone can be creative. How do you strengthen your creativity?

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