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How do you gain experience to cultivate new skills?

You seem like a great candidate, but don’t quite have the experience we’re looking for.

Sound familiar? Have you been a part of the cycle where you don’t have experience so you can’t get experience?

Well, how do you escape?

  • Volunteer – Find a nonprofit, local organization, team or group that needs your professional talents. Then help them out to build your repertoire of skills.
  • Reach out – Ask friends and family if they may know of someone that needs help in the area you excel in. They may just need another hand on deck to get to a pet project you can contribute to.
  • Network – Meet new people, be interested in what they have to say, and see if you might be able to help each other out through a trade of services or referrals

All three of these avenues require skills necessary to marketing success. Become:

A great communicator.

Be able to explain who you are, what you can offer and what you are looking for. By being able to connect these three things together, people can understand the value you bring and will have a greater understanding of what you are trying to move toward. In one study I read, individuals prompted to list the items in their refrigerator could list more when prompted for “white items in the fridge.”

Comfortable asking for opportunities. And keep asking.

People may forget what you were looking for. It takes an average of seven times of hearing the same message before people remember it. Keep asking for the next opportunity, you never know who might jump at it.

Open to new people and experiences. Or get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

New business, new ideas, new ventures, these all require an element of “new.” By being open to the unexpected, you can make the most of chance encounters that may be beneficial to you. This is another way of reminding yourself to say “yes” instead of shutting down with “can’t”, “shouldn’t”, or “not right now.”

What other ways do you gain experience with skills?

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