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Follow your mission: Companies defining their brands in new ways

Standing behind your word and mission is critical to brand success. By creating the brand promise, and then delivering on it, you are building additional brand equity and customer trust. While not everyone may identify with the beliefs that serve as the foundation of your company, it helps to create additional buy-in from brand fans and advocates.

Having a company with a well-developed mission can help company’s identify areas that customers and brand advocates respond to. Companies that extend their mission outside of their expected area help define their brand outside of traditional products and services.

Some recent company’s that have developed a new promise to customers, outside of their traditional scope, include:


With a company that takes time to advertise its beliefs, outside of the usual scope of business, it helps make it easier for customers to identify and support a brand.

Audi’s spot about gender equality was a great way for the brand to feature a cause it cares about and supports, while still reminding the audience that it is an Audi spot. Especially since the spot aired during the Super Bowl, Audi gained a significant share of eye balls on their message.


IKEA extends their core competency of building compact, easy-assembly furniture into temporary shelters. They have designed a home that fits into two boxes and can be assembled in just 4 hours to help shelter refugees. “Better Shelter” is being used in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.


The company was founded with a mission to:

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

To support their mission and vision, they have extended themselves outside of their retail space and into political policy. In Utah, they are supporting conserving national parks and monuments. By boycotting the Outdoor Retailer show, which brings an an estimated $45 million to Salt Lake City, and asking others to join them, Patagonia stays behind their brand promise and has the ability to affect change in the political arena.

What other ways have companies followed their mission into a new space?


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