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Solve a problem for your target audience

How do you get people to care about what you do? Solve one of their problems.

This can start as seeing a need in the market and developing a product that you market effectively. It can also start out as a product that has multiple uses that you never considered. There are many ways to solve problems for your target market!

Some of these entrepreneurs solved unique problems for under-served audiences or area and have created a thriving business out of it.

Innovating for others in their community: Le’Jemalik

Even on a smaller scale, with only one store, a company and its mission has the ability to impact a lot of lives. Entrepreneurs who see a need in the market, and solve an important and painful problem for their customers, have already created brand advocates.

Huda Quhshi created a safe space for women who wear hijabs to get pampered in a salon environment.

Innovating for a problem that affects them: Camp No Counselors

Always wanted to go back to those easier days at camp? Now you can. Camp No Counselors lets adults enjoy the joys of their childhood with more booze and just enough tug o’ war.

After seeing adults slowly lose having fun, the founder Adam Tichauer originally decided just to rent a summer camp. The camp was meant for a few friends on the weekend but bloomed into a 90 person event.

Without realizing it, Adam had found a need in the market where he could help people regain child-like fun.

At that first camp weekend in the early autumn of 2013, I realized that the majority of our adult life is spent in situations where we are expected to be serious. When did the fun stop? As adults, we are rarely afforded opportunities when it’s okay to play, to laugh at yourself and to just be silly. Camp was that chance. I saw a highly accomplished and driven group shed their work identities, and become their truest selves.

— Adam Tichauer

Innovating for a new segment by transplanting ideas: Eiswelt Gelato

Vyvy Hoang saw the sweets of her upbringing as being almost too cute to eat and wanted to bring the same fun the desserts of her German-upbringing had to California. So, she opened a gelato shop that now has people driving in from over 2 hours away while she goes to school.

She discovered a new market through bringing her own country’s innovation to America.

What are some of your favorite examples of solving your audiences problem?

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