Stand by your brand (on social media)

No one wants to pick up a Stephen King novel and have it remind them of Beverly Cleary, right? Just like novels, every brand is different, unique and needs to tell its story in a different way. Brands need to live up to a customer’s expectations through each touch point. One particular area where brands have the opportunity to shine is in social media.

If you brand is edgy, be edgy. If it’s homey, be homey. Social media gives the opportunity for a brand to be more closely personified outside of traditional advertising. By staying true to brand promise, brands can create a more loyal following.

Showcase the brand’s personality

Wendy’s does this in a quite amazing way by turning negative comments, or poor questions, back on the people asking. While this in itself is interesting, and helps bring to light some of the wittiness and snark of Wendy’s online brand, it’s even more amazing that someone made a video of all of these comments.

Wendy’s has created a fan in Alonzo, who created a nearly two minute video reading and laughing at Wendy’s awesome comebacks. 

Develop a strong and consistent presence

Showcase your brand and everything that it stands for year-round. Posting around predictable trends, like holidays or anticipated events, is a great way to showcase your brand and have it be relevant to the conversation.

Michelle and Barack Obama may have just left the White House, leaving their presidential presence behind for now, but they are still active on social media. Michelle Obama posted for Valentine’s Day, sending out her love to Barack, and received 23,000 re-tweets for a simple post because of the strong and consistent social media presence the Obama’s began in the White House. It also echoes his farewell speech, where Obama thanks her, allowing the messages to reinforce one another.

Stay behind your brand

Not everyone is going to agree with every message put out on social media, but know when to stand up for your brand. The internet is open to commenting and “liking” which is how brands and customers have a chance to engage. When that feedback is negative, and the message is within your brand strategy, stand behind it and your followers will stay with you as well.

For Valentine’s Day last year, Adidas posted a lesbian couple on their Instagram which received over 51,000 comments. In response to homophobic comments, Adidas maintained a positive brand image and contained the negative response.

In what ways has social media helped define your brand?

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