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Product packaging goals

Every part of the brand that a customer experiences is a touchpoint, and one of the most important ones is product packaging. Sometimes overlooked as a place to really sell a brand, it’s the point where a customer gets face to face with a product. Getting it to stand out from the shelf is imperative. There are several things that impact product packaging:

Recognizable shape

Product packaging is so important, it’s one of the reasons you can recognize a glass cola bottle from a distance and identify Coca Cola. They had the bottle shape and size patented to solidify and keep their brand image.

Enhances brand image

A great example of using packaging to enhance a brand is Snapple’s under-the-cap facts. It’s an interesting part of the brand experience.

Promotes brand’s stance

Smart Water also did something similar that I had not seen among water bottle brands. They used the back of the label to add additional information you could read through the bottle.

Makes ergonomic sense

Making a customer’s experience with using your brand can help make your product the easier choice. Like Kleenex’s car cup holder shape, or the vertical Heinz that sits cap down, designing a usable package can improve a customer’s experience.

Explains your product

The packaging is the final touchpoint between the customer and purchase. Your product should sell itself sitting on the shelf and should include the necessary information to help a customer make a purchase. This includes benefits, necessary features, and key selling points. For some brands, that may be a catchy tagline while for others it’s some of the technical copy.

Alternative uses

Another engaging packaging option is to make your product multipurpose. A small example of this is the tape dispensers since they also cut the tap rather than just holding the reel. A less mundane version would be the Pizza Hut box that doubles as a movie projector for your smartphone.

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