Packaging your message

I encountered a great example of packaging from a company I already frequent, MOD Pizza. They offer a Chipotle-style approach to custom pizzas. They are quick and make a yummy slice. When I couldn’t finish the entire pizza, I took a slice home and noticed the side of the box.

Simple branding and an effective message work well together. I stopped what I was doing and read their message.

Simple Food for Complex Times. MOD Pizza exists to inspire. Not just with our pizza, but with our actions as well. MOD’s focus is on our people – celebrating our MOD squad, our customers and communities we serve. We call is Spreading MODness.

The message on the packaging is also reflected at each restaurant. On the wall are pictures of local teams and people can bring there stickers to place on the wall of their MOD.

Using your packaging to help drive home a message about what you do or why you do it is an opportunity for a lot of brands. Think about a customer’s experience and what you can do to make it more interesting or more meaningful.

Another company with great product packaging I encountered by happenstance. The product looked different than all of the others in the K-cup coffee section because it opens with a top flap and had a distinctive color and design.

The Indie Shot packaging added value to the customer by including a scale of light to dark roast on the open flap and had rated all of their products on the same scale rather than just categorizing the coffee roasts. It also totes is added benefit: all of the K-cups are recyclable. The lack of recyclability to K-cups and the overall damage to the environment had been a reason why I switched back to coffee grounds. After addressing this particular concern of mine, I happily bought a new product to try.

What brand has reached you recently through exceptional packaging?

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