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Lies that social media can tell us

Social media can be a great tool for bringing people together, spurring social change, and creating a connection between brands and individuals. However, it’s important that not everything on social can be taken at face value. Fake news is just one reason to think before re-posting.

Facebook has been trying to crack down on fake news, but it can be a slow process. Facebook has started to try and address misinformation. With about 2 billion monthly users according to LifeWire, it’s important for Facebook to address the issue of misrepresentation to falsities on social. However, another reason to use caution on social media should be remembered.

Social media portrays how people want to be seen and that message is pushed out through an individual’s channels. Just look at Bow Wow. People can lie on their social media posts and use free use photos as a cover. Unlike Bow Wow, they don’t always get confronted and revealed to be false.

One of my favorite example of social media exposed for what it can be comes from the artist Chompoo Braritone. Her photos demonstrate what social media shows versus what reality really is. A beautiful, filtered Instagram photo may not reflect what is actually going on. Her photos show what is going on outside of the crop and careful placement of Instagram.

Of course, social media empowers everyone to have a voice and has leveled the communication field. Communication is no longer left to publishing houses, newspapers, and magazines to determine what is worth publishing. According to The Social Skinny

Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded.

— The Social Skinny


That’s a lot of opportunities for people to share whether true or false.

So next time you go to share or re-tweet, do a double check and see if what you’re sharing is real and remember that social media let’s people portray what they want to be seen, not necessarily reality.

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