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3 ways to keep your target audience happy by adjusting your content strategy

The world is changing in terms of people interact with brands and content. Publishers and companies need to keep the interests of their target audience in mind as they move forward with digital publishing of content.

Keep in mind when developing content for your audience:

Not all content is created equal.

Different forms of content, from photos to video to blogs or written word, will all perform differently because they attract different readers. Know which kind of content resonates the most with your audience by studying audience engagement per post and optimizing for the audience that is most likely to convert on your offering.

Posting lots of long, written articles may not engage your target audience (especially in they are millennials). They may also not be favored by the social media platform your posting on. Know your platform and your audience to see a better conversion in your KPIs.

Times changes, so should your content.

Teen Vogue took a large step forward in their content and programming by connecting with their audiences on a political level. A previously uncovered topic, employees realized they were missing a key content subject that was important to their target demographic. By adding this back into their content mix, they have grown from 3.6M to 8M unique visitors.

Tried and true types of content may work, but don’t forget that as you grow so does your audience. Their interests, problems, and solutions may change as they age with your publication or company. Look at your strategy as a whole to determine if you need to start making adjustments to how you treat your audience or what types of content draw them in.

Account for different types of audiences.

People interacting with your brand are at different stages of interest. While you do need content to attract people of different audiences, make sure you’re not alienating your current audience by over-targeting to additional customers. Shea Moisture recently tried to appeal to a new demographic and was swiftly called out by their main audience.

Your content, even when targeting a new demographic, should still stay on brand message. Make sure all of your content is making a similar appeal, no matter what audience you are speaking to.

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