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Tell customers what to do: 3 ways to make your website work for you

You’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask for it.



Whenever you want someone to do something, tell them in the simplest terms possible. No one wants to receive a long-winded paragraphs about why they should do something for someone else. Making sure you’re clear about what you want someone to do should be clearer than that.

No place should be clearer on what to do than on your website. There’s no person to help people with finding something or to tell them exactly the interaction to have. So your site’s goal should be to make their experience easy, be clear about what you want to sell, and to tell people what to expect.

Some ways to make your message clear for visitors:

1. Make buying easy.

From first walking into a store or visiting your site, it should be obvious for people to add to their cart. Your home page should do the work for you by directing people to your steals, deals, and amazing offers.

If your product is visual, have visuals. If your product requires explanation, make sure it’s easy to understand.


  • Have someone not associated with your business read through your copy. They will probably catch something that you missed or didn’t include to help new customers buy from you easier.
  • Invest in good visuals. If you’re product is highly visual – from retail or real estate – hire someone to take professional photos. Without a physical store or someone visiting in person, you want a person to have the best possible experience with your site since it’s advertising what you can do for them. Poor photos or navigation reflect poorly on your brand.

2. Be clear about what you want to sell.

Do you offer a service but you’re not really sure what you’re best at or what services you really want to sell? Your customers won’t know either.

Understand your business and your offerings, so that you develop and refine a portfolio of goods or services that make sense. This is a first step to making your business successful.


  • Know your numbers. Where do you see the most viable path to profitability? If it’s from one service or product over others, see how you can feature it more prominently or possibly even trim down other options.
  • Make it clear what your offering. It’s not just a product or service, it’s a benefit. It could be peace of mind, time savings, a conversation starter. Whatever that benefit is, highlight it. People shouldn’t have to connect the dots after reading your information to determine how it could help them. Tell them or, even better, show them how.



3. Tell people how to work/interact with you.

Do you want them to visit you in person? Call in? Fill out a form? Be clear about what your want someone to do and show them how you will work together.

Let them know what to expect so that you can deliver. Delivering on these promises – like on time delivery, product meeting or exceeding expectations, and creating a pleasant to amazing experience – builds trust and willingness to work with you again.


  • If you’re offering a service, have a page on your site devoted to what people can expect from working with you. Maybe include testimonials, a portfolio, and how you’ve delivered for other customers like them.
  • If you’re offering something of value on your site, like products or even a download, understand it’s value and exchange something for it. For example, build your email list if they need to register for a download. Or showcase your additional value, like customer service, as a way to justify prices. Having a dedicated customer service rep – and phone line that reaches a person – can help increase the value portion people see in your product or service.

What have you done to clarify your messaging or make buying on your site easier?


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