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How to speak about your business

Information travels and it can travel quickly. By being clear about what you offer, how you offer it, and why you created this offerings, customers will be more likely to understand your ultimate purpose and benefit.

Individuals don’t buy things, they buy the idea or the purpose behind it as well as its benefit. Someone doesn’t buy a scale to have one, they buy it so they can live a healthier lifestyle. Someone doesn’t buy a necklace just because it’s pretty, they buy it because it makes them feel prettier.



As a business owner, it’s important to understand your purpose. By understanding the why behind your offering, you can build outward to create messaging that resonates.

Start with your purpose

Start with your why. Did you start this business to make other people feel confident? Did you start it to empower younger individuals? By starting with why, rather than what, people will resonate more with what you offer.



To tap into this:

  • Think about where you were at when you decided that entrepreneurship was the route you wanted to go.
  • What have your customers talked about? Was there something unexpected they received by working with you?
  • Deep dive into your own motivations, is what do you get out of being an entrepreneur? What gets you motivated or excited about your business?

Clarify what you offer

Eliminate items that aren’t selling well

This is not just your product line, although this is an opportunity to run through exactly what you offer. Run the numbers- what is selling and what isn’t? Is adding something to your offering staying in line with your brand or diluting it?

If it’s not selling or not within your brand, it might be confusing your customers. Even just having too many options can overload someone ability to make a decision.

Columbia studied this effect and came to the conclusion that too much choice can be paralyzing. According to the study, people were more likely to purchase when shown 6 options rather than 24 different types of jam.

Explain what is included

Don’t forget to mention your pertinent features! People love free shipping, custom lettering on packages, etc. These details make your service more valuable.

As someone offering a service, outline exactly what someone gets. They don’t just receive a design for the business, they get a logo, tagline, positioning, message maps, etc. They don’t just receive photographs of a wedding, they receive the final 100 edited images in several different tones or colors.

Spell out the benefit(s)

Don’t just say that your service or product is simple or unique. Both terms are overused and a bit cliche – they don’t really tell you anything. Don’t make the customer try and connect the dots themselves about what’s important about your product, tell them.

Make it bold: Your special day without worrying about capturing the special moments.

Make it quantifiable if possible: Saving you 2 hours every day that you can spend on work.

Make it memorable: 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. (It’s repeated a lot, but it’s also memorable. If you’re not a fan, sub with “Just do it.”)

Define how you offer it

Make it easy for someone to buy from you. Is it a web service, sold only online, sold through retail and online? Be clear about how you want them to purchase from you.

Tell them how to work with you when you offer a service. To they need to book you up front, send a query, fill out a form? The more clear you can be about your process and how to start engaging, the more likely it is that someone will take the time to get started.

How do you help people understand who you are online?

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