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Easy ways entrepreneurs can integrate their digital marketing (and think through the customer journey)

Integrated marketing can help you get the most value out of the content you create. It will also allow you to give audiences the content they want in the way they prefer it. For customers, it also means they can follow through to other platforms to your main conversion interest. For example, it should be easy for a customer to click your Instagram link to your site, find your contact page, and hire you for a logo design.

However, sometimes entrepreneurs miss out on the synergies that come about from connecting your accounts together or not thinking through the entire sales funnel.

Easy changes you can make to your online channels

Include your primary link in your Instagram bio.

Since links in Instagram posts are not clickable, this can allow your interested audience members to find your site or promoted piece of content. This keeps them funneling from your social account to primary content or area to purchase.

Link your Instagram and Facebook Business pages together.

This will allow you to run advertisements across both platforms and will allow you to post from your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Add your other social links on your Facebook page.

It should be easy for a customer to find your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or additional social accounts from your Facebook bio. Add them here so that they can find your presence in other platforms (Facebook may not be the one they check the most frequently or enjoy engaging in).

Customize your Facebook page template.

There are template options for your page so that if your primary conversion is an online purchase, it will change your top page button to “Shop.” Customize your page to have them call, email, or visit your site.

Link your social accounts to your website.

If you have any business social media accounts relevant to your site, make sure they are linking up. This way, if someone is interested in your product or service but not ready to buy yet, they can go and follow you on social media which acts as a reminder and additional way to keep your product top of mind.

For digital campaigns

Be clear about what your goal is.

A website is meant to drive people to your end conversion, but you need to be specific about what that action is. Is it a phone call? Or filling out a web form? By having a clear action in mind, you can use a similar call to action across platforms so that the customer knows what you want them to do.

Make sure your communications are not conflicting.

If you’re coordinating communications between platforms, make sure your messages are the same. You don’t want your Twitter follower to see “sign up for an e-course” and another to see “become a member.” Choose whichever metric you are trying to increase and work toward it across platforms. You may decide to focus a quarter at a time, but be clear about what goal you are trying to reach.

Your brand’s voice and message should remain the same no matter the channel.

You may showcase your brand in different ways across the social media universe, but they all should be reflections of your brand. One presence shouldn’t be sassy while another is soft spoken. Both diction and visuals should be consistent, even if they’re delivered in tailored ways.

What can marketers do when putting these types of synergies in place?

Think about how your customer experiences your brand.

If they’re starting on Twitter, how can you funnel them through to your content and ultimate conversion? They are not browsing through your entire Facebook or Twitter feed, they may only see one message out of your entire campaign.

  • If you’re think you’re being repetitive, you’re probably not. People do not necessarily view your entire profile or page. Instead, they are browsing through their own news feed where your post will be competing with Buzzfeed and others for their attention.
  • You can target your posts. Use social media targeting methods to boost posts just to the people you want to see them.
  • Be memorable. You are trying to get people to stop what they are doing (i.e. scrolling or scrolling and working out, etc.) so your post needs to connect with them where they are at. By targeting or trying to reach everyone, you’re reaching no one.

What would get your target audience to interact with you?

Do you think your message sounds interesting? If not, people may not be wanting to engage with it. Especially since you may only have 120 character to intrigue someone, you need to be clear and concise and intriguing with what you offer. You are a marketing magician when you pull this off- intrigue and clear call to action.

  • You can link to the same content, but draw people in using different tactics. Each platform is different, so recycle content different ways through photos, infographics, short form articles, or links to full content. There are many different ways to use the same content with a different call to action or intriguing pull for a customer.
  • Visuals and videos win on social media. Videos receive 3x the engagement of a standard post and photos get 2x the engagement. Remember this when designing your content.
  • Timing is everything. Just like location, location, location think timing because on social media that will affect the location. If you’re audience is more likely to engage with you at night, post then. If it’s the morning, target earlier in the day. Work on your timing to make your call to action and offer more enticing.

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