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Humanize your brand with campaigns

A campaign is a chance to further humanize your brand and what it stands for. It can reach outside your traditional channels of communication to show your ideal audience exactly what you stand for.

The Nature Conservancy of Brazil’s “Products of Tomorrow”

Their mission to to conserve natural resources. Their campaign gets at their core mission and is informed by their purpose, but their goal is to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and make it more tangible for people.

With this goal in mind, they opened up a fictional store selling the “products of tomorrow” to give a very scary picture about what the planet might look like. The tactics were clever and highlighted their important mission:

Finding Nature’s solutions to climate change is a global priority for the Conservancy, and in Brazil, we are already working on several projects to ensure we have a plan. It’s important that society understands how pressing the problem is, and do its part, too.

— Grazielle Dib, marketing manager at the Conservancy in Brazil.

A campaign helps to humanize your brand by showing it in a variety of situations. It gives it a chance to flex its voice when it communicates to its ideal customer. It gives a chance to flesh out the promise that a brand creates. It reaches your audience in a new and creative way, to convey your message in a way they can understand.

A campaign is:

  • Not a single promotion. One promotion does not constitute a full campaign. You will have general messaging and one coupon, price reduction, or advertisement is just part of the overall campaign.
  • It’s a compilation of multiple tactics. Your campaign is meant to guide your target market to an action. It’s not just one billboard, it’s a series of billboards, online advertisements, or any media with messaging that you think will convince your ideal customers.
  • It’s informed by your brand, but is not always just your brand. Some companies live off of brand awareness by trying to gain a greater share of mind. For smaller and newer companies, awareness needs to be combined with more direct messaging.

How does a brand inform your campaign?

It’s guidelines are ones you follow in messaging and design (aka branding) for an advertisement. All campaigns from the same brand look similar – they should all represent your brand even if they talk about a new or different product.

A brand serves as the architecture for all campaigns. All campaigns are branches on the tree of your brand. A strong brand serves as the foundation, and each campaign adds a new branch.

The Nature Conservancy of Brazil humanizes the grand scale issue of climate change by bringing it directly to consumers.

How can you humanize your brand with campaigns?

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