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3 ways to stay accountable to your business goals

What’s one of the largest things that is going to drive your business forward?


You are accountable to your customers, partners in crime, and yourself. If you are trying to launch or get your business out the door, staying accountable for the work that needs to happen is critical to getting your hustle off the ground.

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While not everyone can immediately jump from a 9-5 to self employment, making the leap requires the accountability to keep going even when it’s not so glamorous. Even when you’re working poolside on your laptop because you want to go outside. Even when you’re looking forward to your next break but nothing has come in yet.

I talked about goal setting in business, but adhering to those goals means developing a schedule and system that allows you to work in the best possible way for you.




Find what type of scheduling method works best for you! Set time in your calendar for the things you really need to get done. Bonus points for color coding the types of work coming your way.

I love Google Calendars as something easy, free, and syncs to my phone. It keeps me on top of when I need to be somewhere or work on a particular task. By putting it on my calendar, I am reserving that time for that action so it holds me to completing it (it works wonders for hitting up the gym).

Calendly is a pretty cool tool that allows people to schedule time to speak with you. I set it up on my site, didn’t really have a lot of interest and realized I couldn’t dedicate a given time every day to speak with people. So I decided to stop using it. But the trial process helped me figure out this out.

Tip: Don’t over schedule yourself. If you need to, block out free time to ensure you’re getting the balance you need to be your most productive.

Lead management

Find your best way to follow up with inquiries. This could be as simple as emailing back a quick snippet and attaching your capabilities or information. This could be managing your subscription list. Your leads are people interested enough to let you in their inbox – don’t disappoint them with late responses or emails that never come!

Automate what you can. There’s no need to send the same follow up email every time! Keep a template on hand for quick responses or create an automated response to make sure you are taking the work out of emailing.

Tip: Assigning tasks will increase the amount that gets done. Don’t leave any confusion around who needs to do what and by when – set due dates with your task assignments.

Project management

Invest in list keeping and task management. It will keep the small things like lead management and updating invoices from falling through the cracks. There are plenty of tools out there for this type of thing: I’ve tried FreedCampAsana, and Basecamp.

I keep a planner with my daily to-do list. It’s great for me to see everything I need to accomplish in a day and keeps in in touch with my schedule. I can check things off as I go and see how all my work is adding up through tracking my progress.

Tip: Reserve time to try out new tools for your business at least once a month.



How else do you keep yourself accountable to your goals?

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