21 ways to build hype for your product launch

About to launch a new product? Get your customers to market for you and inspire user generated content to get your launch going.

Product launches are vital to the success of a new product or brand. They can determine whether people are knocking down your door to purchase when you open, or if you’re spending a few more months waiting for traffic to grow.

Leveraging customers, building suspense and generating word of mouth will help you create hype to launch successfully.

In your launch efforts, include:

What your product can do for people

Answer: Why should I care? People are notoriously short on time, especially when it comes to listening to your marketing pitch. According to HubSpot, you need to capture people’s attention in just the first 3 seconds of video to keep them watching for the next 30.

Keep them entertained, informed, and excited about what’s coming next.

Why you created it

Did you see a need in the market? Or is it something you’re trying to push rather than generate market pull?

Explain your “why” as part of your product launch branding. People are more likely to buy your “why” than just a “what.”

As you’re building for launch, think of a few ways that you can build hype and incite demand:

21 ways to create hype around your new product

1. Create a teaser video

2. Ask customers to submit a video saying why they love your company and why they’re excited about this new product

3. Use content marketing to draw in customers experiencing pain points and then link to your sales content

4. Offer free products to customers in a giveaway

5. Post product shots and videos on social media

6. Create a count down to launch day across your platforms

7. Tease your upcoming products in your email marketing and social channels

8. Invite brand advocates to try in advance and film or broadcast their reactions

9. Invite your ideal customer to try it out and get their feedback, repurpose that content in other mediums

10. Offer an exclusive to your current customers so they can purchase before launch

11. Post in relevant social media groups about your product, ask people to subscribe for updates

12. Create a feature video or snapshot of your upcoming products

13. Blog about the upcoming product release and send to popular and local media outlets

14. Reach out to bloggers or influencers in your field and ask them to try the product in exchange for a review

15. Put together a pop-up store and see how people react to your product, put this into promotional content

16. Get professional photos taken of your product and its use in a popular area

17. Develop a contest for current customers where the reward would be the new item or service

18. Ask your current customers to share your posts on social media for a chance to win the new item or service (or a discount)

19. Turn your product launch day into an event for current and potential customers

20. Add a landing page or cover page for your new product or service advertising that it’s coming, maybe even add a form for people to subscribe

21. Try a guerilla marketing tactic

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