How you can incorporate the most important thing (hint:yourself) into your social media

Why should you do this?

People need to know you’re a real person.

On the internet, people have the opportunity to craft amazing profile which may or may not be real. By showing your face and giving a face behind an organization, you are literally showing people that their is a real person behind your presence.

Familiarity builds liking. Liking builds trust. We do business with people we like and trust.

If people never see you or get to know you, how can they be expected to purchase from you? Without incorporating your personality into your posts, they will never get a sense of who you really are and why you are the right person to do business with.

Think of it like owning a physical location – wouldn’t it be weird if you never met anyone helping you?

Can you imagine going into a store to buy a new outfit and hearing a voice over the PA answering your questions? Would you feel comfortable not knowing who’s behind all of the words and messages?

Probably not. Stand behind what you’re saying and help your customers understand who you are so you don’t end up with a Wizard of Oz situation.

Incorporating yourself into your social media is especially important when you own your own business or YOU are your business.

You are not a corporation, you should have a human side.

People want to meet the owners and people behind the scenes. That way they understand who you are, why you do what you do, and why they should be excited to work with you. No one wants the dry or boring copy. Or the answering service that hangs up on you. They want a human side to a company.

Big business is trying to humanize themselves, so it should be something easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Humanizing brands and businesses is a way to get customers to care more about what you have to offer. You can read more about how you can be successful humanizing here.

Ways to infuse your personality and presence into your social media

Your brand palette

This should be a fun way to incorporate and show who you are with color and visuals.

Positioning statement

Your positioning statement summarizes what you’re all about. It should be part of your Instagram bio and make people think, “This is the kind of person I want to interact with.

Photos of yourself

It doesn’t need to be every photo, but incorporating pictures of yourself and your employees shows people (literally) who you are.

Write how you speak

Don’t speak like a drone, actually write posts how you would speak so people can get a true hint of your personality.

Have days just for fun – share something

Not everything should be about selling on your social media. Spend some time getting to know your followers and sharing fun information about you.

Be yourself

Always be yourself! This is the quickest and surest way to make sure the people who get in touch with you will be the right match.

Share what’s really going on

Not everything has to be sunny days and endless mimosas. Be real with your audience about life, they will appreciate the honesty.

For more tips about infusing your personality, you can read on here.

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