Top Instagram apps, tools, and resources

Social media is a beast to tackle. There is so much going on, things are always changing, and it’s hard to know what to use to get started with the multitude of apps out there.

In response to the confusion I’ve seen online and in person, I’ve put together a list of my top resources to have an amazing social media presence.



My number 1 tool for creating social media content. Use it on the desktop or mobile app to put together social media templates for any platform. Template sizes for social media posts come built in so you don’t need to figure out individual photo pixels.

Motion Stills (only available for iOS)

Great app for creating boomerangs from Apple Live photos.

Video crop

For iOS
For Android

With this app, you can crop videos to fit in the Instagram frame.


For iOS
For Android

If you are trying to create a grid out of one photo, this app will automatically divide the photo into the sizes you need.


If you haven’t heard of WordSwag, you need to! WordSwag is great for putting together text and photos without needing to worry about resizing or restructuring you content. You just type in the text you want, choose a photo, and choose your text style. The app automatically generates the photo for you!

PicFlow (iOS only)

Put together photos with music for a slideshow. You can make a slideshow of just about anything, and add in some music off of your phone. They also include standard tracks in case you don’t have music on your device.


For iOS
For Android

Turn small movements into a GIF! I love boomerang for adding a fun touch to my Instagram feed.

Pic Collage

For iOS
For Android

Want to make a grid of photos? Use this app to turn any collection into a collage.

Places to find stock photos

When putting together templates for your social media posts, try to use your own pictures. For industries that lack photos, or are working on collecting some, I’ve gathered a few stock photography websites together.

Stock photos should not have any copyright restrictions in place when you are using them for your account. These are my top sites for finding free stock photos that have a creative commons license.

I love using stock photos since marketing can be under an NDA or clients don’t want you to release ongoing projects. Check out how I’ve incorporated stock photos into my Instagram.


Repost for Instagram

For iOS
For Android

Allows you to re-post content from other people’s pages. Make sure you get their permission before re-posting any of their content!


App and site to schedule Instagram posts. If you are pressed for time, this will prompt you when to post and let you see what your grid will look like if you post in a any given order.



One app I like to use for hashtags is Tagomatic. For more about hashtags, read my complete guide to hashtags.


Allows you to find and save hashtags for the account you are working on. It also recommends additional hashtags to use based on your search.


The app will let you see who is following yo back, who has unfollowed you, and who is following you that you are not following back.

I hope this list of recommended tools has helped you jumpstart your social media strategy! What other apps do you love to use?

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