The power of partnership: collaboration over competition

I love working with other businesses! It’s a great way to get to know someone and to help lift each other up. Every business and business owner has different strengths, so by working together in a complementary way you can create synergies between your businesses (and maybe create something that you may not have attempted on your own).

I have been partnering a lot recently on different projects as a way to:

– Increase visibility: Jessica Modad and I have partnered for our InstaBrand series.

This way people that they know get to know you too!

– Create things together: Laura Cheek and I partnered for a series on social media marketing.

Sometimes it’s hard to get outside of yourself and get feedback on your own business or how to improve. Business besties and connection can open doors you’ve never thought of!

– Celebrate collaboration: J Franco and I will be creating a Live video about hiring a marketing expert.

By working together, you’re promoting collaboration over competition (and may accomplish some pretty nifty things).

Ways to partner with other entrepreneurs

1. Go Live together

2. Interview each other

3. Have coffee 1 on 1

4. Promote sharing of each other’s social posts

5. Use as referral partners

6. Develop a co-offering

7. Create a video series together

8. Leverage a partnership network (instead of doing everything)

9. Share or pool resources

10. Ask for referrals or recommendations

11. Keep in touch

12. Co-creation of articles and content

All of these different ways can help you create a deeper business community and create an offering with greater depth to meet customer needs.

How else do you partner with other entrepreneurs?

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