Brand Assessment

Strengthen Your Presence

Brand Assessment is best for businesses looking to get professional insight about how they can enhance their brand across platforms, content, and design.
You will:

> Address your current brand's strengths and weaknesses

> Increase your perceived value to customers

> Create a more cohesive and compelling brand experience

Process: Submit your site and 2 social media platforms before scheduling two coaching calls.

Timeline: Up to 2 weeks.

Brand Plan

Your investment includes

Discovery Process

> Branding questionnaire

> Full review of your site design, copy, and layout

> Analysis of your social media profile and content (up to 2 platforms)

Coaching Calls

> 2 60-minute coaching calls

> Enhance insights into branding

> Answer all of your remaining marketing questions

Detailed PDF

> Evaluation your brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

> List of ways to improve your online brand

> Proposed course of action to refine your content and visuals


with quick and effective professional insight

Professional Insights

Assess your brand to get a quick and well-defined sense of how to improve your branding efforts.