How to make BIG, BOLD moves without burning out


Maybe right now you're ...

  • taking on too much and falling behind your competitors
  • feeling paralyzed because you're not sure what to focus on next
  • unable to progress on dream projects because of all your "to-dos"

Imagine having a proven and powerful system in place that will free up more time so you can pursue your biggest, boldest goals and help your ideas take off.

Introducing the...


for entrepreneurs and side hustlers who are ready to move past confusing and overwhelming challenges, and start making progress turning their ideas into reality.

In this 4-week email course you'll learn:

  • Powerful ways to prioritize your ideas
  • How to work smarter 
  • Proven ways to move from ideation to execution
  • Motivational hacks to stay energized through this process

“Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.” - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Reclaim Your Focus, Confidence and Energy

Most of what I share with you in this training I learned from helping my parents run their successful retail business.  I sold, merchandised and helped with accounting. This experience allowed me to see the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. From this perspective, I learned how to make things easier.

My parent's business, functions well because my dad is the idea man and mom is the executor. She says Dad comes up with ideas and she figures out how to make them happen.

A lot of people don't have a partner and are only half of the equation - all execution with no idea or too many ideas and can't move forward.

What really got me interested was a course from thinking to actually doing.
- Kimmi, Life Coach

For the duration of this course, I will be your accountability partner to guide you and answer any questions through email and our Facebook group. The group also provides a community of entrepreneurs that you can share your triumphs, challenges, and outcomes with!

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From people who are being bold

"I really enjoyed it and a lot of value came out of it - I was able to pitch a couple people that I wouldn't have otherwise! I especially loved the worksheets. They were so well designed and full of value! I really looked forward to sitting down with the worksheets and reading through them."

- Deya Aliaga, Freelancer

This course is a literal kick in the butt! Not only does Sophie inspire you to go after your biggest and scariest goals, but she also shows you how to stay organized and focused while you do so! If you’re not sure how to translate vision into reality this course is for you.

- Yolanda McAdam, Social Media & Marketing Strategist and Business Coach

"This course was an eye opener as I found my big obstacle was just my mindset. I was overwhelmed with so many steps in starting a business that I was stressed and discouraged. With the goals worksheet, I was able to focus on a few goals, instead of everything, and complete them."

- Kimmi Kaitai, Life Coach


More About Me


I enjoy helping people think through solutions, guiding them from start to finish. It's how I help entrepreneurs define, prioritize, and build toward their goals.

When I kept hearing from entrepreneurs explain their ideas, unsure what to do next, I knew my problem solving experience could help.

My marketing background includes a MS in Marketing and BS in Advertising. background is in marketing. My experience includes working in retail, fitness event planning, and tech analysis.

What to Expect

Weekly emails

2 emails per week, on a Monday and Wednesday that include reading, daily tasks, and prompts so that you can work on your own schedule.

Actionable worksheets

Helping you think through each lesson with questions and homework.


3 self-guided business visioning e-books including 40+ pages of tips, advice, and guidance.

Facebook community

The entire group goes through the course at the same time, so you can collaborate and share to a group of entrepreneurs going through the same steps as you.

Support via email

Have a question? Reach out so we can solve it together.


Ideas Taking Off



  • Explore what gets your creativity flowing
  • Understand your work style
  • Brainstorm big goals for your business
  • Dive into goal setting

By the end of week 1, you'll have a foundation for your business vision and be ready to take action



  • Design processes around organizing your business
  • Set up your ideal work space
  • Understand your priorities for your life and business
  • Find and implement tools that automate tasks

By the end of week 2, you'll have outlined steps to reach your goals and created systems to help you get there.



  • Cultivate focus and remove distractions
  • Learn what keeps you motivated
  • Identify beliefs around your work and abilities
  • Start testing processes and habits around work

By the end of week 3, you’ll have discovered how to stay focused and committed from start to finish.



  • Work with your new processes and systems
  • Take tangible steps toward your goals
  • Evaluate what is working and then simplify
  • Pivot strategies based on your success

By the end of week 5, you'll be able to stay committed moving from vision to reality.



How is this program different?

This course is designed to help you start working smarter with start-to-end help. Some books or courses cover ideation or planning, but this course is meant to help you turn your ideas into reality on the entrepreneurial time table (aka as soon as possible).

How long will it take to implement what I learn?

The course is meant to take 4 weeks, but each week is spent implementing and using what you learn!

How long does the course take?

The course is structured for 4 weeks, but you receive the materials up front to mull over or continue working on ahead of schedule. However, there is homework and implementation that may take longer to sit and work through. On average, I would recommend you schedule around 3 hours a week to dedicate to the course.

What will I leave the course with?

You will leave with: better habits around your business, a more focused approach to tackling your goals, and setting priorities.


If you don't love the kick in the butt from this course, I offer a 90-day refund! Risk-free to try (and to enjoy) with the ability to guide you through making your big ideas real.


So now that you have the details, you’re wondering…

What’s the investment?

This is over a $1000 value, but I am offering this bootcamp for only $199.

I want YOU to achieve your highest vision of success. Reach out below and start making bold moves today.

If I receive your email before February 18, you will receive the course at a $70 discount.

Reach out to be registered for the course or ask any questions!

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