Starting a business? Here's how you can beat stress and overwhelm

Something they didn't tell you: starting a business is hard. It can look easy from the outside when you hear about the "overnight success" and "$100,000 program launch." Unfortunately, sometimes these "overnight successes" are 10 years in the making.

People slogged for a lot of years to make their businesses happen. They worked through kids play dates. They spent the weekend building out their first prototype. They took a day off of work to go pitch someone their idea or land a new client.

Starting a business and feeling overwhelmed?

All business pursuits require a lot of thought, time, and effort. But can be hindered by overwhelm and stress.

However, I'm sure you're feeling the overwhelm in the background (and a lot in the forefront of their mind). I know I was thinking and feeling things like:

  • What if I should pursue my other idea instead?
  • What if my customers aren't interested?
  • What if I can't make any money at this?

You can find yourself stuck - mired in self-doubt and overthinking your options. You spend all of your time thinking about what color a button should be instead of doing what is going to make their business succeed.

You might find yourself:

  • Not returning client phone calls
  • Filling orders late
  • Sitting and thinking about what you business could be, but not selling it to people

Why does this happen? Sometimes you don't really know what to do next. You have an amazing idea and then marvel at it. You're not sure how to tie the beast down and ride it to success.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, aren't sure what to do moving forward, and feel the frazzle building up around you, there's one thing you need to remember. Do you know what that one thing is?



In order for entrepreneurs to put in their time, thought, and effort they know what they need to do and work toward. Having a goal in sight or in mind is what helps entrepreneurs create the company and product they've been dreaming of.

With focus, you can:

  • Calmly meet your goals because you've been preparing for them.
  • Hustle toward your goals because you know what you're striving for.
  • Prioritize your ideas because you know what is important for you to accomplish.

Looking to find more focus in your business because your fighting the frazzle and stress of overwhelm? Check out the worksheet I've put together.

Find Your Focus Worksheet.jpg

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