6 reasons why you should brand your Instagram

Instagram is one of the best places that you can promote your brand. It's not too crowded with brands, is great for showcasing a product or service in video or photos, and has an algorithm that makes it easier to reach your ideal customer.

Why you should brand your Instagram

6 compelling statistics on connecting with your following

  • Organic marketing reach on Facebook has been down 63% over the past 4 years, while Instagram's organic marketing has increased by 115%.

  • Instagram users are more than twice as likely as Facebook users to regularly engage with brands.

  • Instagram has 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook.

  • Only 36% of marketers are using Instagram (compared to 93% of marketers on Facebook).

  • Instagram has a higher average order value than Facebook ($65 vs $55).

  • Brands on Instagram reach 100% of their followers, compared to 6% on Facebook.

Statistics are courtesy of Selfstartr.

If you're not sure if Instagram is for you, ask yourself these two questions.

  • Does my brand lend itself to visual presentation?

  • Do I want to connect and engage with potential customers?

Those may be only two reasons, but they are two powerful ones. They could change the amount of people you reach quickly, and allow you to show your product or service in the best light possible.

Some quick Instagram etiquette tips

If you're not doing these things, it may be hurting your online branding efforts.

Ask before re-posting other people's content.

Make sure you ask someone if you can use their photos and then attribute them in your caption. It's only fair to give someone credit for the hard work they've done to brand their feed with amazing content. Give the compliment of sharing and tagging them, it's what you want others to do for you.

Be online to create relationships.

Comment on other people's posts. Genuinely engage with them about their businesses, brands, and services. The more you give in your relationships online, the more likely it will come back to you in a positive way.

Don't spam people.

We know that your account is about your business, but you shouldn't be yelling, "Buy from me!" in your captions for every post. It's too much to constantly be hearing about how people need to buy from you. Try sharing content from people outside your business and acting like a full brand (not just a salesperson).

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