21 ways to increase your site traffic

"How do I increase my site traffic?"

I have heard this question several times in the past week and wanted to put something together to help small business owners to increase their site traffic.

Site traffic is important since online sales can be a numbers game.

Online conversion rates are incredibly low, around 2.95%, so increasing the amount of people coming to your site is key.

Here are 21 ways to increase your site traffic

1. Guest blogging

While this is no guarantee of traffic, it can help increase it if you are posting in place where:

  • Your target customer hangs out

  • The blog owner actively promotes their content on social media

  • The blog following is engaged with new posts

  • The content is related to what you do

  • The site receives a significant amount of traffic (if you want to check it out, see Similar Web.)

Guest blog posting can be a lot of fun, but does require time and commitment to see results from.

Suggestion: Try getting one guest blog post per month with the above parameters in mind.

2. Social media marketing

Use the power of social media to direct people to your site! You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Before choosing which ones to concentrate on, ask yourself:

  • Which ones make the most sense for my business?

  • Which ones are my ideal clients on?

  • Which ones best showcase what I have to offer?

Suggestion: Try a couple out and see which ones offer the best results. For social media to work though, you need to do more of this.

3. Content marketing

Blogging on topics that are of interest to your target market can help them stumble upon your site. By answering their questions, before they need to reach out and ask you directly, you are showing that you are knowledge, interested, and concerned with the customer's point of view. It can also help you since people also search for their problem, not necessarily the name of your business as their solution.

Suggestion: Include blog posts on your site that give in-depth answers to some of the concerns you've received from customers.

4. Advertise online

Placing advertisements in social media or as part of a search engine can increase the number of people coming to your site. Keep in mind that conversion rates are very low for advertisements, and that people may bounce out of your site if what they land on isn't what they expect.

Suggestion: Test out advertising on different platforms and see which one is offering real conversions for you.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make sure your site includes your industry, product, and any additional keywords involved in purchasing your product or service. This can be done on-page for your website. However, for increased SEO results, you may want to look into hiring an SEO expert.

Suggestion: Make sure your website includes the keywords related to your industry so people can find you. Targeting long-tail keywords is a good idea.

Some additional changes you can make to increase your site traffic:

6. Include your website link in your email footer

7. Include your website link on your business card

8. Direct potential clients or customers to purchase from your website

9. Ask people to share your content on social media that has a link to your site

10. Email your friends and family about your business and ask them to share it with others (include a link)

11. Create a subscriber list for your blog or services and email market to your followers

12. Get listed in online directories (Google My Business, Yelp, Whitepages, etc.)
13. Invite others to blog on your site or be featured and then ask them to share the post

14. Incorporate video into your site (Google loves and prioritizes sites that include videos)

15. Get your name out locally or in your industry with speaking gigs or networking events

16. Share your blog posts or advice in social media groups and conversations (Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter Chats, etc.)

17. Be a guest on or start your own podcast

18. Find other people in your industry who can act as a referral for you, and you for them

19. Comment on blogs that your target customer would be interested in

20. Reach out to social media influencers to post about your product or service

21. Do something worth talking about