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Instagram resource

How to Use Your Palette

WHY HAVE A PALETTE? Instagram is a visual platform and your posts need to be aesthetically pleasing for success. They also need to showcase who you are and what you offer. Eventually, certain colors will have specific meanings and people will recognize them. For example, they will know your “sale” is in red and that…

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How to get started with Instagram

Instagram’s platform allows you to reach 100% of your audience and its organic reach is growing every year. It will allow you to connect with your customers and potential customers when leveraged properly. Putting your account together 1. Choose a username/handle. Don’t choose one that has numbers or is hard to type since people use…

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Complete Guide to Hashtags

Hashtags are what create traffic to your Instagram feed. Without them, you’ll be posting without anyone noticing the great work you’re doing. So, you need to include hashtags with every post. “But what hashtags do I include?” Choosing hashtags is the next step to increased engagement. However, choosing a group of hashtags to use can…

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How to design your Instagram grid

It’s not about 1 post, it’s about the order of nine, When posting to Instagram, think with 9 squares in mind. You want your feed to look planned and cohesive when seen from the account view (rather than a single photo in the feed). Your goal is to create a curated feed: it is thought…

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