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How to design your Instagram grid

It’s not about 1 post, it’s about the order of nine,

When posting to Instagram, think with 9 squares in mind. You want your feed to look planned and cohesive when seen from the account view (rather than a single photo in the feed). Your goal is to create a curated feed: it is thought out, has an established look, and looks planned from the account view. Both businesschicks and shitthatiknit are examples of curated feeds.

Create a pattern out of the nine you post by leveraging the order you post PHOTOS.

You can create a unique look to your account by choosing your order of posts to look more aesthetically pleasing in the account. You have several options to create the recognizable look to your feed.

3 in a row design option

If you post similar photos for three designs in a row, you are designing at the row level. This means that your rows alternate patterns rather than alternating per post. Herschelsupply and lululemon provide great examples of how a row design option can work for your company.

Alternating design option

If you post different photos next to each other, you can create an alternating feed. Some great examples are bossbabe and abundantbossbabes.

Your feed order can change over time

You can change your main color

You featured feed color does not have to remain the same for all time. As your account changes, seasons change, or if you just need a new color to look at – you can change it. It doesn’t have to be the same purple forever. As long is it still remains true to your company, you can update your palette or choose a different color in your palette to feature.

Change how your grid is put together based on your pics/colors/message

You also don’t have to remain with a row design or alternating design. Think about designing for a 9 square grid, not forever. When you are going to make a change, switch over after finishing up your last grid.

Here’s a great example of a feed changing over time.

Both of these screenshots are from the same account. But as their product line updated its colors, so did their Instagram feed.

Scheduling your grid CAN HELP YOU BE ON TREND

Try to plan placement and topic around popular day themes:

Here are just a few day suggestions of types of content you can be posting.

  • Monday: motivation
  • Tuesday: thoughts, tips
  • Wednesday: hump day
  • Thursday: thoughts, tips, introductions
  • Friday: weekend, weekend vibes, feelings, client feature

This is not a rigid structure, more like guidelines (that’s a Pirates if the Caribbean joke)

You can shift your structure based on things going on in your biz/life

If you have a great day at the office and want to throw in the picture to your feed, or have a wonderful event you want to share, feel free to add it in. The feed can be planned and designed but small deviations can make your account seem more personal. Or, you can change what types of topics you cover so that your account grows with you as things in your life and business change.