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reach your audience online

VIP Marketing Experience is best for businesses that want to grow their connection to their audience and customers online.
We will create a:

> Marketing system that works

> Content schedule that builds followers

> Clear voice and point of view in your market

> Website that drives conversions

Process: Monthly meetings and ongoing check-ins.

Timeline: Ongoing.

Total Investment: Custom Quote.

VIP Marketing Experience

Your investment includes


Test and change is our marketing philosophy. We analyze ongoing data and results to make sure your marketing is working for you.

> Refine marketing processes

> Content creation accountability

> Content planning to build a following

Social Media Marketing

Grow your online presence by consistently sharing value-driven content. We manage your platforms for you, so you can say goodbye to social media fatigue.

> Content strategy

Consistent content to promote your business and brand

> Ad management

Targeting across your social media platforms

> Community management

Online interactions with your followers

> Monthly reporting

Analytics on your engagement and account growth

Website Design*

As your endeavors grow and change, so should your website. We offer unlimited site updates so you can keep your audience in the loop about everything you're working on.

> Unlimited site updates for a mobile-friendly and responsive site

> Custom blog design

Action Steps

We make sure that you leave knowing exactly what next steps to take and how you can leverage your new brand. We tailor our recommendations to what makes the most sense for your business.

> Marketing strategy

> How to reach customers effectively

> Prioritized in order with support options

* For more about what's included in website design, check out the FAQ.


and feel confident when showing people your business

Promote Your Brand

The VIP Marketing Experience provides ongoing marketing and content to grow your online following.


Our Clients Tell Us

She listens to what the customer has in mind.

Rikki Smith of Austin, TX
Training Consultant & Owner of Stratus Training

Sophie was easy to work with

I liked working with Sophie because of her reliability and customer experience. I now have a better understanding of how to leverage social media. She was easy to work with while she increased followers on two social media channels by 10 times.

Chad Modad of Houston, TX
Owner of OmniverseVR

Sophie did an amazing job of keeping my “voice”.

It was so easy communicating with Sophie. I was originally skeptical about working with a copywriter, fearing that my “voice” would not be heard through the edits of someone else. Sophie did such an amazing job of not only keeping my words my own, but also helping me to step outside of myself to see how I could more clearly eliminate confusion for someone who was not reading my mind!

Tai Q. of Houston, TX
Owner & Wedding Planner of Aisle Runners

Sophie brought my ideas to life.

Sophie was awesome. Took my verbal ideas and my handwritten pages to life. Very efficient. Had some great ideas not only on my site but how to drive traffic to it.

Owner of Black Mountain Apparel

I thoroughly trust her.


I hired Sophie to manage a high profile client’s social media presence. She was prompt and attentive, and learned their company culture quickly while working to bring them up to speed online. She’s a team player and I thoroughly trust her.

PRKristyna of Houston, TX
Social Media Manager at PRKristyna

Sophie is very reliable, professional and easy to reach.

She is very reliable, professional and easy to reach. Sophie keeps me on task my scheduling appointments. Since we started working together on social media marketing and strategy, more people seem to be calling the office for info. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better their online presence and to have accountability for marketing!

Dr. Kathrym Espana
Pediatrician & Founder of Concierge Pediatrics of Houston

We were absolutely blown away by the final design from Florida Winter Marketing.

Our experience with Florida Winter Marketing has been exceptional!  We were absolutely blown away by the final website design.

Sophie was on top of the redesign from the very beginning, always on the ball with creative ideas, and smart suggestions. She met every deadline we asked of her. Can’t say enough about how happy we are with the end result.  Amazing!

Ashley Hovenden of Magnolia, TX
Founder of Hope Reigns

Sophie is insightful, thoughtful and get to the core of the matter quickly.

I love working with her!!! Sophie is insightful, thoughtful and get to the core of the matter quickly and turns things around at lightening speed! And if that isn’t enough, another reason I enjoy working with her is because of her fresh eyes and positive take on things and an uncanny ability to bring it all together in a way that it CLICKS! Sophie take the puzzle pieces of my business and you know exactly where each piece goes and what didn’t look like what I expected, it was more than I expected. She always go the extra mile and make what could be an arduous journey very pleasant and doable!

Cecilia Rose
Next Door Strategies

Sophie has a way with words.

Huge shout out to Sophie Newman who has been a life saver creating copy for Brandie Alea, owner of Hollywood Hippie and myself. She has a way with words our brains cannot fathom. Thank you for coming through for us quickly and so professionally!!

Alicia Elatassi of Houston, TX
Owner of Thinking Boutique

My website finally feels like “me”!

I was interested in working with her because of her background, knowledge, personality, professionalism, and energy! She is very organized and met all deadlines. My website finally feels like “me”! I have the first lead magnet that I really like.

Keveney Evanne of Houston, TX
Founder & Coach at The Energy Wizard

I highly recommend her services!

Sophie has been a pleasure to do business with and has always been a reliable content partner. Her work product has been consistent and we rarely had revisions after the first go. I have been pleased to do business with her and highly recommend her services!

Ashley Johnson of Houston, TX
Director of Accounts at Adhere Creative

Sophie made our website dreams come true!

Thank you so much for working with us to make our website dreams come true!! We love it!

Sarah Seitz
Owner of The Enrichery

Sophie is knowledgeable and communicative.

I liked Sophie’s knowledge of her trade and her ability to communicate it well. She responded in a timely manner and has a lot of knowledge to share (plus she is sweet). Since working together, I have started posting on Instagram and have benefited from her large list of resources to study from. I would recommend Sophie because she is very knowledgeable and able to guide a business owner.

Cynthia Cannizzaro of Houston, TX
Owner of One Design Place, interior design firm

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