Every story should be bold, convincing, and extraordinary.
We develop yours so it attracts your ideal audience.
Just like Florida winters.


We're writers, marketers, and strategists. We create brand presence that thrives in the digital age by diving deep into purpose, vision, research and messaging.


We are also visionaries. We unite who you are, what you say, and what's working to develop powerful brands. It's a collaborative process we use to clarify your focus and build genuine platforms that attract your ideal audience.


Sophie Newman

Founder + CEO

Sophie Newman founded Florida Winter Marketing to help businesses connect with their ideal audience. Prior to the launch of Florida Winter Marketing, Sophie developed marketing content and solutions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, small businesses, and universities. While putting herself through school, she managed two to three jobs at a time and graduated at the top of her class with a Master of Science in Marketing program from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from University of Florida. Since launching, Sophie has created business presence that has increased sales and driven customer engagement. She can be found reading, ogling puppies, and hoping for sunny days.

A Bit More About Me

My own journey as a marketer means I always enjoyed asking questions, understanding motivations, and persuading others (even if it was just to make pancakes for breakfast).

But then I realized I wanted to do more than understand problems. I wanted to solve them for businesses. I didn't want to just be a "cog in the machine," I wanted to be my own Buffy (or Leslie Knope depending on the day) by helping myself and others stay true to their purpose. To build genuine connections, I combined my love of storytelling and problem solving.

I help my clients define their quirks, tell their story, and create strategies that work for them. Because every entrepreneur should have a presence that conveys their spirit and connects to the people that identify with them.

Every story should be bold. It's how we show who we really are and embrace ourselves, quirks and all.

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