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HPE Synergy is the first instantiation of the new industry-changing technology composable infrastructure. It is a new product, creating a new category (composable infrastructure), for a new company brand (HPE).


Developing collateral to explain the newest offering's benefits in time for product launch.


Speak to to the Chief Technology Officer, the key decision maker, to explain how he could deploy and operate like his greatest competition.


  • Co-wrote a thought leadership white paper explaining how composable infrastructure can benefit enterprises and increase awareness around the product
  • Coordinate with agency to develop video and lifestyle and product photography
  • Work with agency to create a 3D rendering of the product and features to be used by sales teams

Thought leadership

My work included:

  • Interviewing and working with Gary Thome, Vice President and Chief Engineer
  • Developing graphics and visuals for the paper and Gary's presentations
  • Understanding market trends in infrastructure and substantiating information from Gartner, IDC, Forester reports

The thought leadership white paper was wrapped into the larger campaign and the content was used to create videos and presentations for internal and external audiences. The video on the left shows Gary Thome discussing how businesses can achieve the speed and agility of cloud giants.

I worked with Sophie while she was working as a summer intern. She was responsible for writing a white paper outlining how our Composable Infrastructure IT technology could help customers run more efficiently. I served as her subject matter expert.

Sophie quickly grasped the key points of the technology and their implications to customers. She was then able to turn this into an outline and then craft a paper from it. She also added graphics and then worked with me to create a Powerpoint presentation from the paper. She met each deadline as we developed the paper and completed it on time, while also working other projects.

This kind of paper can be challenging to write and we ordinarily ask more experienced technical writers to tackle these. I was pleased with the result of the paper and enjoyed working with Sophie.
— Gary Thome, VP at HPE