Michele Cobin-Foglia

“Sophie was on point with exactly what I expected to be done and then some. She also completed a complete report of her work done with a consultation explaining what she found and created. I am looking forward in working with her in the near future on another project.”

- Michele Cobin-Foglia of New York, New York
Marketing Director for Mary Kay

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Sophie NewmanComment
Christina Meade

Big Shout Out to Sophie Newman <3 Met with her yesterday to go over some of my marketing & social media. Her insights and suggestions (and validations) were extremely helpful! Plus she's super fun to hang out with :-) Need help with your marketing and social media? You've GOT to get Sophie involved <3 

- Christina Meade of Houston, TX
Owner and Founder of Nerdy Girl Success

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Alicia Elatassi

Huge shoutout to Sophie Newman who has been a life saver creating copy for Brandie Alea, owner of Hollywood Hippie and myself. She has a way with words our brains cannot fathom. Thank you for coming through for us quickly and so professionally!!

- Alicia Elatassi of Houston, TX
Owner of Thinking Boutique

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Tai Q

It was so easy communicating with Sophie. I was originally skeptical about working with a copywriter, fearing that my "voice" would not be heard through the edits of someone else. Sophie did such an amazing job of not only keeping my words my own, but also helping me to step outside of myself to see how I could more clearly eliminate confusion for someone who was not reading my mind!

- Tai Q. of Houston, TX
Owner & Wedding Planner

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Keveney Evanne

I was interested in working with her because of her background/knowledge, personality, professionalism, and energy! She is very organized and met all deadlines. My website finally feels like “me”! I have the first lead magnet that I really like.

- Keveney of Houston, TX
The Energy Wizard, Coach

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Rikki Smith

I liked working with Sophie - it was easy and she really knows her stuff. Because of my products I feel more confident when I go out marketing. She has great ideas and listens to what the customer has in mind.

- Rikki Smith of Austin, TX
Training Consultant

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Kathrym Espana

She is very reliable, professional and easy to reach. Sophie keeps me on task my scheduling appointments. Since we started working together on social media marketing and strategy, more people seem to be calling the office for info. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better their online presence and to have accountability for marketing!

- Kathrym Espana from Houston, TX

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Cecilia Rose

I love working with her!!! Sophie is insightful, thoughtful and get to the core of the matter quickly and turns things around at lightening speed! And if that isn’t enough, another reason I enjoy working with her is because of her fresh eyes and positive take on things and an uncanny ability to bring it all together in a way that it CLICKS! Sophie take the puzzle pieces of my business and you know exactly where each piece goes and what didn’t look like what I expected, it was more than I expected. She always go the extra mile and make what could be an arduous journey very pleasant and doable!

- Cecilia Rose from Houston, TX
Master Certified Coach

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Cynthia Cannizzaro

I liked Sophie's knowledge of her trade and her ability to communicate it well. She responded in a timely manner and has a lot of knowledge to share (plus she is sweet). Since working together, I have started posting on Instagram and have benefited from her large list of resources to study from. I would recommend Sophie because she is very knowledgeable and able to guide a business owner.

- Cynthia Cannizzaro from Houston, TX
Owner of One Design Place, interior design firm

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Graham Painter

Sophie is as motivated as she is creative and is always looking for newer, better ways for companies to communicate. She has a solid grasp of social media marketing and is a strong strategic thinker. Working with Sophie is fun, fruitful and collaborative. I definitely recommend her.

- Graham Painter from Houston, Texas
Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer of WOND3R (Advertising Agency)

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Nancy Curtis

She knows her stuff and was able to relate to me based on my level of Instagram knowledge. Sophie was easy to talk to, understood where I was at, and made me feel comfortable right from the start. After our talk, I was much more aware of my Instagram color scheme.

-Nancy Curtis from New Brunswick, Canada
Wedding Coach

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Melisa Sharpe

Sophie offered complete and actionable advice on how to streamline my social media and message on our call together. I liked that we covered both my Facebook business page and website. Since our talk, I have set up tasks to make my Facebook posts more consistent. 

- Melisa Sharpe
  Melisa Sharpe Life Coaching

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Amy Isaman

Sophie had a clear way of explaining things without making me feel silly. I felt very comfortable asking her questions, especially about social media because that is NOT in my comfort zone. We also shared some great tips with each other, and I feel like I connected with someone in the same industry as a good resource. It's great to know knowledgeable people who are so willing to share.

- Amy Isaman


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Sophie NewmanComment
Ashley Hovenden

Our experience with Florida Winter Marketing has been exceptional!  We were absolutely blown away by the final website design.

Sophie was on top of the redesign from the very beginning, always on the ball with creative ideas, and smart suggestions. She met every deadline we asked of her. Can't say enough about how happy we are with the end result. Amazing!

- Ashley Hovenden from Magnolia, TX
Hope Reigns, Inc.

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Kerry Chrapliwy

Sophie is a bright self starter who's not afraid to ask why? Her inquisitive mind and initiative give Sophie the right stuff to help any marketing organization. She's focused on execution and is great with managing the details. We really admire Sophie's hustle.

- Kerry Chrapliwy from Houston, TX
Wonder Factory (formerly Asian Wives Club)

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Tatianna Smith

We received a grant to help our marketing efforts by updating our website, marketing strategy, and brand. By working with Sophie, ABDC was able to redesign our overall marketing target audiences and focus more on branding the website. We really appreciated her flexibility with scheduling to discuss her findings. Now, we love the new look and feel of the website! 

- Tatianna Smith from Austin, TX
Austin Belly Dance Convention

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Melissa Newman

Sophie was awesome. Took my verbal ideas and my handwritten pages to life. Very efficient. Had some great ideas not only on my site but how to drive traffic to it.

- Melissa N. from Seminole, FL
Black Mountain Apparel

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Anna Din

Sophie did a great job with my website. She did exactly what I asked for. Due to her, my page is now mobile friendly and attracts more clients. Thanks for doing such a professional job!

- Anna Din from Houston, TX
Law Offices of Anna Din

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