my story


I caught myself speaking about other people's success and focusing on how hard it was to raise money or reach their goals. How did these people find time to do it? It seemed like they only succeeded because of luck.

What guarantee did I have that I would be able to accomplish anything? It seemed more overwhelming when I applied their professional insights about growing a business to myself.

However, my honey stopped my thoughts in their tracks. He said it may be hard, but gaining funding was possible. It was not some insurmountable hurdle that would shut me down before I even started.

He asked, "Even if you don't succeed, is this something you want to do?"

Anything worth doing is hard. Even knowing that when you start doesn't always prepare you for the reality of how hard things can be, whether it's raising funding, working when you're tired, or continuing to hustle even when you're unsure of WHEN you might succeed.

I told him, "Yes," and stopped thinking about my limitations as obstacles, and turned them into the steps that climb to a successful outcome. I remind myself that:

  • I want this.
  • I am capable of achieving the goals I set.
  • Small progress every day is all I need to make a difference.

Knowing where you're going and setting a goal for yourself is how your start reaching toward something that you want to succeed at. So ask yourself:

Even if you don't succeed, is this something you want to do?