my story


We put a reminder in a place you see every day so that you can always be reminded of why you started. When it gets hard, it seems like it's an uphill slog, or your customers drive you a little crazy, you need to remember what you're working toward.

My goal this year was to write a book. I stopped saying, "I'll do this someday," or "I'll do it when I'm more experienced." I said, "Today is the day and I'm going to do this." I just got started because my goal was to become excellent at writing. I did this through blogging, contributing, and posts for clients. But this was a new type of challenge I wanted for myself.

I took the 90K words I needed write and broke it into how many words I needed to write per month. Then I said I would spend 30 minutes every weekday morning working on it. This goal seems far away: I might be done with a first draft in December (6 months after I started). Which is why I mark my weekly progress on a barometer towards my goal. Every morning, I also see a Post-it on my mirror with:

Be so good they can't ignore you. - Steve Martin

This was my affirmation that would get me to my goal. I was not going to quit: I have a goal in sight, a process set up, and the organization to help me get there.

How do you remind yourself of why you started?