Working hard can mean a lot of sacrifices. It can mean working when everyone else is out having a pool day. Or saying no to margaritas. Or just putting extra time toward your dreams.

"No one gives it to you. You have to take it."- Frank Costello

While probably not the best person to give business and life advice, I do love this quote from The Departed. It's something that I try to remember when "I'm waiting" for things to happen. There are things that take time - customers need time to respond, life happens to everyone, and not everything moves at light speed.

But don't stay in your "I'm waiting" holding pattern. Break free from the idea that things take time (they do, but there's still something you can do).

One client waiting? Get feedback on a product you're developing.
Business moving slow? Train for something that makes you happy or better.

And while you're hustling for it, don't forget that:


I forgot this when I started hustling. More and more my hustle seemed cumbersome. I kept pushing myself to work harder, work more, work smarter. But you are greater than just your work.

That's why I start with your inspiration and big goals. Set yourself up for an end date, for also reaching a personal goal, and hustling with purpose. Bringing this purpose will highlight how YOU are valuable. Not just your work.

Keep in mind (especially when you've been hustling hard)

Listen to your body. It knows when it needs to take a mental or physical day of rest.

Don't always keep pushing. If you feel like you're hitting a wall, try a new way to do something.

A change of pace or scenery can shake new thoughts loose. Go for a walk, try a new TV show, cook something new for dinner - break out of your cycle when your thoughts feel stale.